“How am I to find time to motivate my staff, if I need more time to work on my own ideas?”

Coaching is an Integral Part of Our Portfolio

All Antores consultants act as coaches to our clients’ staff by transferring knowledge and experience. True management coaching, however, requires deep insights and an appropriate level of maturity. Like interim management, this unique service is built on trust, which is why it is provided by Antores founder Steffen Hantke only. Coaching for top and middle management levels is usually part of our project work and rarely provided as a separate service. We act as trusted thought partners to your senior executives, help find technical and organizational solutions and promote personal growth. Our coaching services include one-on-one sessions with you and your staff as well as discreet feedback during day-to-day interactions. We:


  • analyze strengths and weaknesses to give guidance
  • identify the gap between self-perception and others’ perception to unleash potential
  • broaden horizons to take issues forward
  • review staff management to increase team efficiency
  • analyze technical/organizational mismanagement to make lasting improvements
  • identify potential process optimizations to rethink “the way you’ve always done things”
  • define personal goals to find a healthy balance
  • identify suitable training measures to improve efficiency
  • show ways to promote personal growth to motivate management

Contact Steffen Hantke to learn more about how this unique Antores service can help your business grow.

Are you ready for personal growth, too? Do you feel stuck, restless and burnt out? Do you procrastinate important decisions and have lost track of your goals? Are you worried about your health and have you stopped exercising? Are you neglecting your family and friends because there is just not enough time? If you can relate to any of the above, our one-on-one coaching may be the thing for you. We offer no magic solutions but a proven method to clear your mind and break your routine and habits. Why not give it a try?

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