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What Makes Antores Stand Out from the Consulting Crowd?



Antores founder Steffen Hantke is known for having seen both sides of the story: As CFO for an international group and a listed company, he speaks your language and understands the challenges you face. As managing shareholder of several companies, entrepreneurship has become second nature to him. In his capacity as management consultant, he has held a number of management roles and gained many years of experience successfully supervising (inter)national programs/projects from initiation to completion.


All Antores staff and partners are highly motivated. As a matter of principle, we invest solely in staff training instead of spending money on prestigious business premises or large-scale marketing campaigns. Our low overhead gives our clients excellent value for money and Antores staff an attractive bonus scheme.


We know how to get things done. A great number of projects, in particular major ones, fail because many people do not know how to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. Antores, however, has built a track record of success. We don’t believe in complex controlling and reporting systems that address no-one or decision-makers don’t understand. We know what it takes to run an effective early-warning system and how to identify and reconcile inconsistencies in a timely manner. We reduce the administrative burden and avoid irrational spending due to practical solutions. We don’t beat around the bush and promote rapid, confident decision-making and implementation.


Antores builds trusting partnerships with its clients, for the long term: if you would like to learn more about our work, we will happily put you in touch with our clients. We maintain a broad network of partners who share our values and principles. We choose our professional partners based on the experience made working side-by-side for the same company or on previous projects.

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If you are looking for prestigious consulting firms‚ you know where to find them. If you need a high two-digit number of consultants for a large-scale project, international consultancies may be the right choice for you. If you are seeking an ‘inexpensive’ way to plug staff gaps, temporary employment agencies are the best fit for you. If you merely require IT solutions or software programming, there are specialist IT service providers. Yet, if you are looking for a dedicated partner to take managerial responsibility who knows how to get things done, speaks your language and provides profound front-line and project expertise, look no further. Antores will be happy to partner with you to tackle major projects, cover staff shortages and help you grow. Together, we can make change happen.


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